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Sermons from 2015

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26th December 2015 Junior Gittens

Because Of The Stable, God Is Able

19th December 2015 Ronald Rennie

Champion Of Love

5th December 2015 Ottakal Chackochen

Should We Pray?

28th November 2015 Ottakal Chackochen

Seeking The Kingdom First

21st November 2015 Jairaj Kanakaraj

The Sinai Experience

14th November 2015 Ottakal Chackochen

The Great Controversy Ended

31st October 2015 Cedric Vine

The Reenactment

24th October 2015 Ottakal Chackochen

Communion Service

17th October 2015 Tapiwa Mandeya

If Tomorrow Was Your Last Day

28th August 2015 Tapiwa Mandeya

What A Wonderful Saviour

6th June 2015 Jojo Fetalino

Do Your Best To Come Before Winter

14th February 2015 Sam Mahlangu

Tree To Tree

7th February 2015 Patrick Hill

Little Is Much When God Is In It

31st January 2015 Andrea Rashford-Hewitt

The Potter's House: Get Centered

24th January 2015 Junior Gittens

Don't Throw The Baby Out With The Bathwater

17th January 2015 Tapiwa Mandeya

Love At Home

10th January 2015 Cecil Perry

The Presence Of The Holy Spirit

3rd January 2015 Errol Gayle

Genuine Counterfeits